An Overview of the Oppo F11 Pro

The Oppo F11 Pro has been one of the most popular phones that were launched by the Oppo Company, and the company did a great job with this phone. Although it had some flaws which made it unpopular, it still remains one of the best phones of its kind on the market today. In this article we are going to take a look at how this phone is different from the others, and whether or not it is a good deal.

While many people might be saying that the Oppo F11 Pro’s design is similar to the iPhone or Blackberry, it is actually very different. Unlike the iPhone or BlackBerry, the Oppo F11 Pro has a flat display screen, and doesn’t protrude out like many phones do. Instead it sits right at the bottom of the phone, with a neat home button on the top. There is also a power key as well, although the headphone jack is on the bottom as well. For those who would appreciate a keyboard, you can buy an add on keyboard, but unfortunately this model does not come with a handwriting recognition feature.

The Oppo F11 Pro features a dual camera setup, as well as a laser auto focus lens. This is not the first time that the company has done something like this though. They have previously released a low cost variant which is the Oppo XPERIA C. That version featured an average price tag of $400, and saw quite a bit of positive consumer reception. The new 64GB variant of the Oppo F11 Pro sees a price drop of almost forty dollars. While it doesn’t have nearly the same features as the C version, it does offer slightly better quality. The result is an increase in overall value, and an increase in functionality.

One thing that you will notice right off the bat about the Oppo F11 Pro, other than the price, is the fact that it is pretty big. At over five inches long the device is far larger then most smartphones. This is great for anyone that wants to enjoy the benefits of a large screen, however it does mean that the F11 Pro does sacrifice some quality for size. Since the camera is so large, it also offers much more flexibility when taking photos. You are given more flexibility in terms of movement and even the exposure, although the oppo f11 pro image stabilization feature is still not as strong on the lower spec versions of the device.

Another difference between this phone and many others on the market today, is that it uses an ordinary microSD card instead of a flash memory chip. This means that you do not need any extra storage space, and can get plenty of memory for all your pictures. The Oppo F11 Pro also has a rather unique dual rear camera, and like many cameras on the market right now, it uses a typical sensor and not a laser sensor. This means that it does have optical zoom, but does not have digital zoom. If you like to take zoomed images, then this could be a disappointment, as the lens is unable to zoom in automatically, which could make pictures taken with the camera tough to zoom into.

The Oppo F11 Pro camera however does have more than enough power to satisfy most consumers. It comes with both a standard inbuilt camera as well as an external microSD card which can easily be inserted using the USB cable. Once loaded up with photos the phone automatically merges them into a movie file. On average the pictures produced from the F11 Pro are quite good, and come with decent resolution. The dual rear camera used in this product is also good, although it lacks some of the better cameras on the market. Overall it would have been a good choice if it had come with a few extra features like a self-timer or night mode, but as it is the Oppo F11 Pro simply offers a good alternative to many other smart phones in its price range.

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